Weird combinations

The inspiration behind this post is the lunch I had today and my arbit nature.

The lunch here is provided by vendors selected by the food committee (formed by the Stryker employees themselves). The food initially was really below par, with almost half the employees rejecting the vendor. Since then, the standard has definitely improved. However, the menu is decided by the food committee. And since the food committee consists of a Haryanvi, Punjabi and a South Indian, the food combination sometimes turns out to be quite imaginative. Today the menu consisted of Alu paratha, chicken, Idli-vada-sambar and Raita. It took me back to my childhood days, when once I mixed hot water with amchur, chyawanprash, milk, horlicks, sugar and mixed-veg. pickle. No prizes for guessing how it tasted. However, some combinations may seem weird, but are a big hit. Chicken Samosa, Chicken Utthappa to name a few. I was discussing this topic with Rajat(this incredibly good-looking, intelligent, talented, outspoken and amazingly eligible guy from Hostel 13) and he told me how he loves having Rice mixed with banana and milk (aaarghh…).

It was a pretty nice discussion and I decided it was time to wake the child in me. How about chocolate with tomato sauce? I got a bourbon biscuit from the cupboard and put some ketchup in between them over the cream. It was good, adding a chatpatta taste to it. Next was banana in pickle. It was as if you have replaced all the glucose and fructose by NaCl. Nothing special. Bread soaked in Pepsi. That was nice too. However, the results I obtained from the next combination was strong enough a signal for me to stop. I had Nestea mixed with Pepsi! It did smell like rotten food, but I decided to ignore the warning signals my olfactory senses were sending and decided to have the whole stuff at one go. It took me less than 5 minutes to realize what a mistake it was. As I am writing this, I still feel nauseated; my stomach’s paining and may vomit anytime.

P.S 1: Rajat forced me to give that description of his. Personally speaking, he is a smelly asshole 😛 😀

P.S 2: Try this at home only, lest you fall sick.

P.S 3: The child in me is a devil.

P.S 4: Please do comment if you have had similar weird ones.


~ by rastapopulus on June 9, 2008.

One Response to “Weird combinations”

  1. try ice cream with lemon and banana with ketchup..

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