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It’s been more than a month here at Gurgaon. The weather’s been amazing most of the time and if newspaper reports are to be believed, the rainfall has been the highest ever recorded in May, more than 10 times the average!! In general, humidity levels aren’t also that high, something that suits me (since I tend to sweat a lot). It’s been a nice experience interacting with a variety of people, both at my workplace and the place where I am staying as a PG. Most of these people are young and have been working only since the past 2-3 years.

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive, since I didn’t know anyone in the office (with the exception of CEO and HR head, who obviously are busy, least of all entertain my whims). However my guide introduced me to the whole office, and soon I made a few acquaintances. Since it’s been only about 20 months since the office’s inception, most of the employees are young, and easy to mix with. For the uninitiated, I am interning at Stryker, a medical equipments company. It’s a Global Technology Center, where the work is off-shored from the main offices present at the US, Europe and Singapore. I hear they will be starting to work on Indian markets soon. The office broadly consists of three divisions, namely Mechanical, Software and HR. I have come to know somewhat about the way they work, and the projects they have been working on, courtesy the frequent change of my working space. Initially I was placed in the HR section, which I had to shift to the software one to accommodate a new employee. Same fate awaited me there as well. I was shifted to the Mechanical division, promised that it won’t be changed again as the guy (to whom the desk belonged to) had been sent to the US on an official visit and wasn’t supposed to be back for atleast another month. Seems the HR guys got it all wrong as he managed to show up two days later! Right now I am sitting in the navigation section (a subdivision of software), pretty sure of my place since the desk is that of a lady on maternity leave (God forbid a twist here).

The working culture’s pretty cool here, not as professional as maybe back in Mumbai. There are no restrictions on working hours. You may come and leave office at anytime of the day you want, as long as you are meeting the deadlines for your projects. And no need to wear formals as well :D. The cupboards are stacked with fruits and biscuits, and the fridge with cold-drinks and other eatables, making it much more pleasurable for me 😛 There’s also a TT room here, which I frequent often since I am mostly jobless. This has also acted as an excellent source for increasing my acquaintance circle.

Overall, it’s been a nice learning experience observing the office culture till now. Working in teams, frequent meetings, meeting deadlines, not very different from the way we used to work at Techfest. Seems 9-5 job isn’t as boring as I thought it to be.


~ by rastapopulus on June 6, 2008.

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