Laws of Luck

Um I think it, I was just unlucky that whenever I tried to do something, something bad would come up to stop it. I thought finally I was in the best job I ever had, met a girl, who was absolutely fantastic, and then three whammies come. She dumped me on new year’s day, I got an eviction notice a few days before new years day and my job, a week previous, it went out the window. Ultimately I became homeless and had to live in my car. And it was as if I was cursed.

Luck. It’s that most fickle of ancient forces … feared … revered … courted and thwarted. Consistently controlling luck is like asking Rao to stop bragging about himself; next to impossible. Some say its faith, some say its superstition, wiki says its probability. Going by wiki’s definition and some of my personal experiences, I have put forth these two basic laws of luck:

1. 1. The integration of luck over any being’s lifetime is zero.

2. 2. The cumulative integration of all luck of all living beings over the entire timescale is zero.

I have taken Earth as the superset but there’s no reason why the Universe (and their parallel counterparts of course) can’t be taken into account as well. Taking the possibility of re-birth (OSO sucks big-time though) into account, the two laws can be extended into that period as well. The value of interest here is taken to be zero for the purpose of convenience and reference.

In basic layman’s terms, the gist of all these rumbles-mumbles-dumbles is that if someone is lucky over a period of time, he has to be unlucky over some other period(sounds similar to the law of averages doesn’t it?). He/She/whoever may be lucky in a particular field but has to face the brunt of bad luck in other areas. So, going by these laws, no one in this world is lucky. It is merely a human construct used by people when they see only one’s “lucky” phase. It may also be used as an excuse for other people’s successes and one’s own failures. So the next time you describe a person lucky, think again. As the great Einstein said, “God doesn’t play dice”.

P.S: All the above thoughts are strictly mine.

P.S*: Please someone save me from Rao :-S


~ by rastapopulus on May 20, 2008.

8 Responses to “Laws of Luck”

  1. Lot’s of thoughts :

    0. Einstein was wrong when he said God doesn’t play dice. Turns out Heisenberg’s uncertainty is right (as you should know)

    1. AdiLuckLaw 1: Luck cannot be quantified or measured in any possible way.

    2. AdiLuckLaw 2: Luck is in the eyes of the beholder (requoting ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’)

    3. AdiLuckLaw 3: What matters is not the integral sum of luck over a lifetime, but the integral sum of luck for most parts of your lifetime. For eg: I’d rather be damn effing lucky for 33 years and then die a gruesome death being hit by a car. Integral sum may be zero. Doesn’t effing matter!

    4. AdiLuckLaw 4: Luck is not a continuous function, and so obviously not differentiable either.

    5. Your damn laws better not be true, coz I’ve had effing great luck in life and I don’t plan to let the integral sum to zero 😀

    6. I might blog this, so don’t copy my laws 😉

  2. @adidas: 0.Einstein’s and Newton’s laws hold completely true in the macroscopic world and that is where I have applied my laws.
    1. Luck may be measured by taking a hypothetical being who has never been lucky in his life and then have an index of -10 to +10 on what he would describe as unlucky and lucky respectively.
    2. Every thing’s relative dude…but you still take a reference for convenience for a Universal description, and that’s precisely what has been done.
    3.Yeah may be it doesn’t mater that much to you but my laws still hold true at-least[:D]
    4. I don’t have the mathematical means to exactly disprove this statement of yours, so lets say I assumed it based on my experiences till now.
    5.You will die a gruesome death[:P]
    6. Your views seem to be radically different, and I don’t blog on issues I have already blogged [:)]

  3. ok cut this
    Mr. tilak, what u have proposed fits my blog because these are hypothesis and theories when proved become laws.
    The first one can be thus termed as merely a theory or if u very sure then as an axiom. And 0+0+0+0+0…..(n times, n->infinity) = 0, hence ur second thing can be proved from the first one and is merely a broader version or so to say the obvious version or so to say a corollary.

  4. btw, nice one….open mind open thoughts.

  5. yeah..tht is what i want ppl to stress on…plz leave the mathematics part 😛

  6. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Conjugality!!

  7. […] as to how people tend to interpret events as chance, even though most of them are not (see Laws of Luck for more). Harlan Ellison once said-there is no such thing as chance, but only patterns we do not […]

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